Monday, December 6, 2010

Amazing! Logic Reigns, The S. Korea - US (KORUS) FTA Finally Resolved

Korea-US Free Trade Agreement, At Last
A few hours after the Seoul Gyopo Guide's third post regarding the necessity of the S. Korea - US (KORUS) Free Trade Agreement, an agreement was reached, as the impasse regarding auto tariffs was resolved.  The Seoul Gyopo Guide has argued, on multiple occasions, that the FTA would benefit Korean citizens who are suffering due to inflationary pressures in Korea.  Any extra measure to reduce this pressure would be welcome.

Korean Government Acted Wisely by Conceding Insignificant Points
Korea's concessions were proper in the larger context, given that the country is suffering from a higher cost of living than is necessary, due to tariffs on all types of imports.  In addition, it was refreshing that Korea's delegation properly pointed out that there are many levels and stages of international cooperation.  Korea rightly gave concessions in on the very smallest points in the interest of its people as a whole.  If you want to iterate with cooperation, then give-and-take is necessary.  

Time to Remove the Fakers
Now, it is time for the politicians in Korea and the U.S. to pass the FTA in their respective legislatures.  The Seoul Gyopo Guide will identify all those in either country who oppose the passing of the KORUS FTA.  It is quite simple, really.  For those that oppose, the citizens can return that legislator to the private sector.  In other words, both Americans and Koreans can, and should, vote any legislator that opposes the KORUS FTA out of office The voting records of legislators in both countries are a matter of public record.  Citizens of both countries should make it very clear to those legislators that their futures in public office depend on their vote of the KORUS FTA.  You will be able to find those that cater to special interests instead of the well-being of their constituents as a whole.  This is especially true for Korean legislators: members of the General Assembly should vote unanimously.  Korean citizens should watch the General Assembly carefully.  Protesters and activists who suggest that the KORUS FTA should not be ratified will be revealing themselves as narrow-minded parties that are looking for publicity only, and not to serve the Korean citizens.

Ignore the Korean Press Coverage Regarding Protests
In the coming months, there will be the inevitable protests, and potentially, there will be news on the internet reporting that Korea (or Koreans) do not approve of the KORUS FTA.  That is fiction created by those who want greater viewership or sponsorship.  Everyday Koreans understand that they will want to purchase American-made products as soon as they are available in Korea.  Many, many of the American brand names that are popular in Korea will be affordable to everyday Koreans, as opposed to only the privileged. In the coming days, the Seoul Gyopo Guide will explain that there will be some resistance for the KORUS FTA, but that will be from the largest deluxe department stores, like Shinsaegae and Hyundai Department Store, because the "designer" boutiques of American brands will be revealed to be massively over-priced. The pictures and footage of Korean protesters is entertaining, maybe, but will not reflect the sentiment of the Korean population. Do not be led to believe otherwise.

The Sooner, The Better
For the suffering Americans in the midst of an anemic economic recovery, and to everyday Koreans where inflation is high (and rising rapidly in many areas), the KORUS FTA cannot be passed soon enough.  The Lost Seoul hopes that both sides can proceed quickly and finally ratify the agreement.  Delays are unwarranted and those causing delays should be punished by voters at their next possible opportunity (i.e. election).


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