Monday, December 13, 2010

영어 Slang of the Day #9: "Don't get me started." Indeed.

If you have a strong opinion about something, and someone asks you about it, you may respond by using the phrase, "don't get me started."  The reason that you would say "don't get me started" is because if you started, then the full explanation could take a very long time, because you have many, many reasons.

Frequently, this situation occurs when a person unintentionally introduces a new topic.  The listener may have a very strong opinion on that topic, but the original speaker may not have known that this was the case.

Jae Ho:  Sometimes, I think that Korean society can be unfair.
Young-Ah:  Don't get me started.  I am a woman that works in a chaebol.

In the above example, Jae Ho has introduced the topic of Korean society being unfair.  Young-Ah, a woman, has a very strong opinion on the topic, and if she fully explained herself, it would take a very long time, because she has many reasons.  So, she said "don't get me started."

Note:  this language is very casual.  It is usually used among people that you know quite well.  Therefore, it is not appropriate in formal speaking or writing.


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