Are you Korean (in Korea) and Applying for an MBA in the US or Europe? (Update1)

The time to start preparing is NOW.  The competition for the top MBA programs is fierce, and will continue to be so, given the global economic environment.
There are many MBA admissions consultants in Seoul.  They are largely located near Gangnam Station.  I would recommend that you spend a few hours and visit a few.
These services are offered by people with MBA degrees, and you should go through the 1 hour screening.
I offer a free 1-hour interview, where we will review your academic and work credentials, and evaluate the schools which would be most appropriate.  References will be available upon request.  We will discuss your individual needs.  Some applicants will require an entire package which includes, but is not limited to:
1.  resume preparation
2.  essay preparation
3.  application preparation
4.  interview preparation including speech

My experience in aiding applicants is only part of my expertise.  My 20 years of work experience in Asia, Europe and the U.S. is only part of the story.  Importantly, I have also taught business English to Koreans.  Proper English during an interview can be a great advantage for Korean applicants, even if the interviewer is a native Korean.
Please follow my advice here, and visit a few MBA admissions consultants, then contact me.  You can, and should compare services.  I highly recommend that.

Prices for services:
In-person / Skype sessions:  KRW 100,000 per hour
Independent editing of resume/personal statements/essays:  KRW 75,000 per hour
Interview practice:  KRW 100,000 per hour either in-person or via Skype

It is my goal to provide a service which is both practical, and cost-effective.   Most applicants have jobs, and busy schedules.  Here are the reasons for the various prices.
In-person and Skype sessions are to make sure that the applicant and I have the same view about the target schools, the application, as well as the overall approach to the application process.  In my opinion, these need to be individually tailored to each candidate's strengths and weaknesses.  It will take approximately 2 hours in order to make sure that approach is agreed upon, as well as the target schools.  In addition to this, there will be less frequent meetings in order to make sure that everything is proceeding according to schedule.  These will be kept to a minimum in order to keep the cost as low as possible for the applicant.
The independent editing of resume/personal statements/essays can be done by me once completed in English by the applicant.   It is important that the resume is completed first because it will be used as a reference point for the personal statement and the essays.  It is very important that the initial In-person/Skype session occurs before the writing of essays begins.  The reason for this is for the applicant to understand what particular points of emphasis to make, and what themes to create in the overall application.
Interview practice is essential.  Depending upon the applicant, and the strength of application, it may be very advantageous to travel to the school for the interview.  Careful planning and preparation is necessary in order to complete this step.

If you need references, then I can certainly provide them.  First, I would suggest sending an email to, and then we can decide whether you should use this service.  I have an MBA from a top 3 US program, and have many years working on Wall Street and consulting.  In addition, I have travelled to over 30 countries as a result of business, and made speeches/presentations in front of conferences which included governmental officials throughout Asia.  The reason for stating this is because you need to be very comfortable with the counselor's experience, and that he/she can evaluate your prospects.  In addition, the counselor must be able to help you "put your best foot forward," which is another way of saying to make sure that your application is the best tht it can be.

It may seem (and it is) a great deal of money to spend to prepare a good application.  However, the investment that you will make by attending a top MBA program will approach USD 200,000, so the money used to improve your chances of admittance is well-worth it.

SPECIAL DEAL:  If you have a group of 5 people that are all interested in applying to MBA programs, then you will each receive 20% off of the posted hourly rates.  As I have said above, the time to begin is now, and for those of you that are familiar with the other services in Korea, you will find that these rates are more than reasonable. or

Good Luck!


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