Friday, February 18, 2011

영어 Slang of the Day #17: Well, "that's on you." What does "that's on you" mean?

The phrase "that's on you" is used to say that the responsibility is yours, and yours alone.

This is a relatively new phrase, i.e. it didn't really exist 10 years ago.  It is used when one person decides something by his/herself, or chooses an action by his/herself.  When that occurs, the results, or the effects of the choice or decision are the responsibility of the person that made the choice or decision.

A.  I chose rock music as the theme of the dance.
B.  Well, the dance isn't going well.  That's on you.

A.  I've decided on a new strategy for the company.
B.  The strategy isn't working.  That's on you.

Generally speaking, the phrase "that's on you" isn't used in a complimentary fashion.  Instead, it is usually the case that it is used when the consequences are negative.  It is possible that the phrase is used when the outcome remains to be seen, but the person using the phrase "that's on you" is usually expressing skepticism, and not optimism.

You can also say "that's on you."

This phrase would definitely not be used in formal settings.  It is a phrase to be used in casual settings only.

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