Sunday, November 28, 2010

영어 Slang of the Day #2: He has "a puncher's chance." What?

영어 Slang of the Day #2:  He has "a puncher's chance."  What?

A "puncher's chance" means that a person (or group), while not probably successful, still has the opportunity to be successful, albeit a slim one.  Perhaps this is best illustrated through example.

(o)  Korea has a puncher's chance against Brazil in football.
This means that while Korea is not likely to defeat Brazil in football (soccer), Korea could still win by taking large risks.

The idea of a "puncher" refers to boxing.  In boxing, a person could swing wildly, and even if less skilled than his opponent, he could still win if he were to hit his opponent with a single, stunning blow to the head.  Thus, the slang term of a "puncher's chance" exists.

Final note:  the correct article used before "puncher's chance" is the word "a."  The word "the" is incorrect.  The correct of use of articles is particularly challenging for native Korean speakers and requires a great deal additional studying.

화이팅!  Pun intended.


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