Monday, January 10, 2011

영어 Hint of the Day (비지너스) #12: FREE Business Writing Book (Kindle Edition)

Receive a free copy of Kaplan MBA Fundamental Business Writing (Kindle Edition).

eBooks are cheaper, and space-saving alternatives to the endless number of books that you can find at Bandi and Luni's and Kyobo Book Store.  Admittedly, it is fun to go to those stores and look around, and experience the energy in the stores.

However, Koreans are generally in the need for more space, and more time.  What could be more convenient than downloading a free book from the comfort of your own home/coffee shop (only if you have Alleh).  In addition, while this book may be an advanced version, it will not be error-prone like the ones that you will find in Korea.

a.  Look to the right column of this blog, in the "My Faves at" box.  Inside the box should be the title "English Learning Guides."
b.  There should be 2-3 books in the window.  One of the books will have a comment below it in red.  That is the free one.  If the book doesn't appear there, then you can go to the next page (there should be 2 pages of books in that window).  I cannot control the order of the books, but I am certain it is in that particular box. 

This book costs more than USD 12.00 and as a result something like KRW 15,000 at the minimum.  The Seoul Gyopo Guide has never asked for a donation, but in this case, it may be appropriate if only to pay for the domain.  In no way will that change the goals of The Lost Seoul or the Seoul Gyopo Guide.  Good Luck getting your free book!


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