Tuesday, February 1, 2011

영어 Hint of the Day #31: Pretend YOU Are a KPop Star...and Sing a Song

KPop Singers Are Using the Oldest Trick in the Book:  Singing in English

The Lost Seoul knows very little about KPop.  However, one thing is for certain:  the singing and rapping in English by KPop stars is impressive, maybe.  Why only "maybe?"  It is because singing in a foreign language is a one way to improve your English pronunciation.

Try going to a karaoke bar and singing a song in English.  You will find that your pronunciation improves a lot.  This is not your imagination, and not the effect of alcohol on your hearing.  In fact, singing is scientifically proven to improve speech, so much so that singing is therapy for stroke victims who cannot remember how to speak. 

Now, you may not look like Sohee of the Wonder Girls (안소희), but you can certainly pronounce "I want nobody, nobody but you" like her....just sing in English and your pronunciation is sure to improve.


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