Monday, February 28, 2011

영어 Through Entertainment: The Godfather Part III "They pull me back in..."

The Godfather Part III is a Terrible Movie
Generally speaking, The Godfather Part III is an awful movie.  It was a sad ending to one of the most storied cinema franchises ever.  Very rarely, if ever, does a sequel surpass an original.  Well, that occurred as The Godfather Part II won the Oscar award for Best Picture.

Nevertheless, This Single Line is Memorable
The main character of The Godfather trilogy is Michael Corleone.  As he grew older, he attempted to legitimize himself, and his ill-gotten gains.  Despite his effort to get out of illegitimate business, he failed.  Forces around him made quitting his illegal activities impossible.

"They pull me back in"Has Another Meaning
Of course, you can easily understand the language.  Corleone believed that he was going to become legitimate, but was unable.  The hidden meaning, however, is more subtle.  It has become to be an ironic statement, which implies that he never really meant to leave in the first place.  Furthermore, he is blaming some other force (the "they") for the his failure to become legitimate.  It is of course, not true. 

(o)  I wanted to leave the nightclub, but they pulled me back in.
(o)  I wanted to stop watching reruns of Boys Over Flowers, but they pulled me back in.

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