Thursday, February 3, 2011

Need a Book Not Available in Korea? Try THIS: Free Shipping (Not Free Books)

Books in English w/Free Shipping:  Awesome
The name of the site is  The main problem for people who live in Korea when ordering from is the shipping and customs.  Well, on this UK-domiciled site, the shipping is FREE.  There are e-books as well (of course). 

As readers of the Seoul Gyopo Guide know, consumer choices are limited in Korea, which is a major problem for native Koreans and foreigners living in Korea.  Hopefully, more reasonable selections continue to be developed, and if nothing else, push down the domestic prices of goods in Korea, which are too high generally.  Some of that is intentional, because being frugal is not necessarily a good thing to be in Korea, but that will change with time.  Maybe.

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