Wednesday, September 29, 2010

영어 Hint of the Day #6: "I would like to say about the beautiful girl." Wrong. Here's why.

Korean native speakers frequently misuse the word "about."  Here are two very simple examples.

(x)  “I would like to tell about a story that is interesting to me.”
(x)  "I would like to say about something that happened yesterday."

The word “about” is more difficult than it appears.  My advice?  Avoid it if possible but you if you must use the world "about," then you need to be careful.  I would just try to make one correct form, and always use that one. 

My suggestion is always use (tell + you + about) + (모 모 모 ...)

Some examples of correct usage of the word "about" would be:

(o)  "I would like to tell you about something that is interesting to me. 
(o)  "I would like to tell you about a beautiful girl I saw yesterday." 
It is natural to try to speak correctly and perhaps believe that short sentences make it sound like you do not have command of the language.  That is not true.  It is better to speak without errors than it is to speak with long sentences.  In addition, you frequently will lose the attention of the person to whom you are speaking.


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