Monday, September 27, 2010

영어 Hint of the Day: Don't pronounce the -이 or the -으

Konglish is everywhere, and it causes problems in correctly pronouncing words in English.
Here are some well-known "Konglish" words that you can find anywhere in cities throughout Korea.

마사지:  massage
오랜지:  orange
이미지:  image

케이스:  case
나이스:  nice

The reason that this occurs is because this is the way that it is learned in Japanese.  Since Japanese is easily learned by Koreans, it may seem easy to pronounce these English words using the Konglish spelling.  It is not correct.

The Hint of the Day is to NOT pronounce the 이 or the 으.  If you practice this, then your pronunciation will be more like a native English speaker.


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