Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take Advantage of Reverse Discrimination During Interviews for an MBA

This is a very small, but potentially very important point.

When you are applying for an MBA to a US/European MBA program, a very important part of the application is the interview.  In Korea, what occurs is that a native Korean, an alumni, is usually assigned as the interviewer.  This should be avoided if possible.

Why is that? 

The reason:  Koreans are tougher on each other than foreigners, so if you are competent in English, then that will be a positive.  However, with a native Korean, it is more likely that the interview will occur in Korean, and the interview will be more difficult, and as a result, it is less likely that you will be recommended.  You should try to be interviewed by a native English, non-Korean interviewer.

So, if you are travelling to the US/Europe during the time of application, then you can contact the school, and try to arrange for an interview with a representative in the city to which you are travelling.  For example, if you visiting New York City for any reason, then it is very likely that there is an alumni representative already there who has been designated as a person to give interviews. 

It is actually a comment on Korean society, right?  Koreans do not want their own to attain the same level of education as they have, and as a result, put a HIGHER, more DIFFICULT level of excellence in mind when giving interviews.  As a result, if you interview in Korea, then it will actually be more difficult, not less.

It has been my experience that those students that I have advised receive better results this way.

This is just one small example of the MBA Application Consulting that I can provide to potential candidates. 
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