Monday, September 20, 2010

Brilliant, Crazy, Frustrating, Vibrant, Creative all in one: Korea and Koreans

Korea is all of these things.  And as a Korean-American, I can also say that this describes Koreans as well.  This blog is created with a few things in mind.
First, it is a guide for foreigners who would like to understand Korea, from a Korean's point of view.  Now, many of the opinions on this blog won't be exactly as a native Korean, but these opinions will say a great deal about the native Korean's mindset.  Within the foreigners group, I will also try to help and describe life as an English teacher in Korea (of which there are many), and as an established professional.
Second, it is a guide for Koreans that want to educate their children being raised in Korea, and aspire to educate their children  (유학생) abroad.  Since most students in Korea can read in English, this blog will primarily be in English, although there will be Korean words when there is no better translation.
Third, this blog has advice for those that want to apply for MBA programs abroad.  Being educated in the U.S., and having an MBA degree from a top US program, I have also aided studenKoreats who have been successful in gaining entry into top MBA programs abroad.

If there are requests, or questions, let's share them here for everyone to see!


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