Monday, September 27, 2010

대한민국에 영어 배우는 책 먾이 있지만 쓰레기두 많다. 조심 합시다.

Not all books are good.

There are so many books in Korean bookstores, like Bandi and Luni's and Kyobo Bookstore.  The number of books written to teach English is shocking.  Many of the books written for test-taking, like the GRE, are written by highly-educated authors.  I have looked through many of these, and the explanations/translations are quite good.  It is clear that a student can learn from these books, if you are trying to get into a graduate school, and need to have the vocabulary skills in order to perform well on the GRE.

HOWEVER, I must caution everyone against the manuals for TOEIC and especially those books that try to say they are going to teach the "American style."  In addition, the number of books on TOEIC and other similar exams are also not all good.

For example, I saw this on Twitter today by an author of a 영어 배우는 책 (name withheld), and here is what the tweet said.

쇼핑에 미치지 않았다는 표현!
I am not crazy shopper.(X)
I’m not crazy about shopping.저는 쇼핑에 미쳐 있는 사람은 아니에요.(O)

This has multiple errors.
The first example should be "I am not a crazy shopper," not "I am not crazy shopper."  It is a gramatically incorrect example.  If you look at my previous post, located, one of the most important pieces of advice I could give is to make sure that you correctly use the words a, an and the.  This author has given this example with incorrect English. 
The second example has nothing to do with a crazy shopper.  The correct translation would be something like 쇼핑 졸아하는 분 안입니다.  It has almost nothing to do with loving to shop.

This type of book is not a good idea.  I cannot possibly go and tell you which books are good, and which books are bad, because there are too many.  It is my suggestion, however, to be careful. 

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