Sunday, September 26, 2010

영어 Hint of the Day: The word "chance" does not mean 기회

기회 may, or may not, be strictly translated into chance or opportunity.

(x)  It is a good chance to make money.
(o)  It is a good opportunity to make money.

In business situations, the word opportunity should be chosen in almost every instance.  Why?  The word chance, in English, has the implication of randomness or gambling.  The word chance is used in phrases like "It's a game of chance."  That makes the word chance seem similar to gambling or other game that relies on something other than skill.  Therefore, if you have "capitalized on the chance," it may be that you have relied on an event that resulted from luck.  It is far better to say "I capitalized on the opportunity,"  or "This is a great opportunity for our company."


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