Wednesday, September 29, 2010

영어 Hint of the Day #2 (비지너스): How to say "I/We have done a good job"

영어 Hint of the Day #2 (비지너스):  How to say "I/We have done a good job"

Complimenting yourself isn’t easy
For Koreans, complimenting yourself is very unnatural.  However, in Western cultures, you will inevitably face situations where you will need to compliment yourself, your team, or your company.  To make matters more difficult, it is easy to make mistakes when using words to describe positive events or characteristics of yourself.  Here are some useful word combinations.  While not complete, these are some of the most common phrases used.  I don’t recommend that you try to mix the combinations.

Nouns and the verbs used in combination

challenges:  face challenges, meet challenges
obstacles:  overcome obstacles
goals:  reach goals, achieve goals (see below on the word achieve)
achievement:  Maybe it is just me, but achievement is a difficult word to use correctly, and you can easily find a substitute above.   However, if you insist, then the correct verb is …is/was.  For example:  Completing college was a great achievement.

Verbs and nouns that can be used
accomplish:  accomplish(ed) my/our mission.
complete:  completed a task, completed a project (for plural, completed tasks (no “a”), completed projects (no “a”)), completed a mission
achieve:  achieve goals, achieve objectives.  NOT: achieve mission, achieve tasks, achieve projects.  You see what I mean?  If you use the word “achieve” then it is too easy to make errors.

Additions are coming to this list, but here is a place to start.


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