Tuesday, September 28, 2010

영어 Hint of the Day #1 (비지너스): : "Rise up?" Not usually.

Native Korean speakers like to use the word “rise” for some reason when speaking in English, and I don’t know why. I believe that the reason is because of the popularity of the phrase "오라 간다" or some variation of that, which is very frequently used. However, the word “rise” isn’t widely used in English.

Even more rare is the the phrase “rise up.” "Rise up" is really only used in one very specific instance. “Rise up” is usually a term for rebellion or demonstration. Another example of correct use of the phrase "rise up" is when describing something that has returned from death.

Here are a couple of sentences of correct use of "rise up."
(o) We will rise up against injustice.
(o) Our savior will rise up from the dead.
(x) Our company will rise up. (Reason: this has the implication that the company was bankrupt, and returned. If that is the case, then a correct sentence would be "Our company will rise up from the ashes.")

The word "rise," which is not used very often, can be used in the following ways.
(o) The sun rises from the east.
(o) The price of the stock will rise.

If you intend some other meaning, then find another verb.  Generally speaking, the word rise is not frequently used, except in very specific situations.

Depending upon the situation, the words improve, increase, overcome are acceptable.
(o)  Our company's situation will improve.
(o)  Our company's profits will not improve unless we make better products.
(o)  Our company can overcome all of its obstacles.

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