Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Simple 영어 Hint of the Day: Where is it AT? Why is this wrong?

Last month, I was the U.S., and here is what I heard from someone.

(x)  “Where is the game at?”
(o)  "Where is the game?"
(o)  "Where's the game?

Saying “Where is the game at” breaks a fundamental rule of grammar.  Sentences do not end with prepositions.
이렇게 말씀하면 촌놈차럼 있을 것 캍아습나다. 

In written English, this is absolutely an error.  In spoken English, this is still an error and unless you want to be noticed as a "person from the countryside,"  it shouldn't be said this way.  That said, even native speakers make this mistake.  If you make this error in written English on an essay exam, then it will be counted as an error.


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