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영어 Hall of Shame Entry #3: LG English Speaking Twitter - LG 영어 대화/연습 트위터 모임 is a disservice

영어 Hall of Shame Entry #3:  LG English Speaking Twitter - LG 영어 대화/연습 트위터 is a disservice

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  I'll try to do neither, and I will just be embarrassed that these type of people still exist in Korea.  Here are his details, and they can be found here.  I could (and should) create an entirely new blog on the number of reasons that I entirely disagree with this person's attitude.

Here is an actual sentence from the description of the group: 
혹시 Native 수준의 직원분들 자랑하러는 오시지 말세욤~.

This person, I believe, is serious.  Here are some of the perspectives from which I totally disagree. 
1.  Tell me Mr.  Jeong, how is it exactly that you or the people will improve if you do not learn from experts?  Let's say that I wanted to learn Korean, should I learn from an Englishman who studied for a couple of years at 연대?  I strongly doubt that you can answer "yes" to that question.

2.  눈치때문입니까?   웃긴 것 치지마세요.  What good would it do to show off to total strangers who will have no effect on my future, earnings, or anything else?  Instead, you are worried about a native speaker showing off?  In exchange, you will accept non-perfect English language advice.  It is ludicrous that this attitude exists and it I do not believe (because I have seen it) that Mr Jeong's attitude is his alone.  눈치 itself limits the progress of Korea.   It certainly has no place in learning a foreign language.  저의 눈을 볼 수 없자나요.  그래두 이렇게 생각하세요?  Unbelievable. 

3.  If you really want to learn English, here is my sincere advice.  Leave your ego at the door (means "Forget about your ego"), and ask me any questions that you may have, at any level.  I have exchanged advice and received grateful messages when I have done so.  I appreciated the kind messages I have received.  There is no such thing as 눈치 on the internet because we do not know each other. 

I must protest, and will continue to do so when I have seen something this blatantly disserving all Koreans.  Mr. Jeong, twitter id FR33SOul, you are the recipient of a place in the 영어 선생 Hall of Shame.
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