Thursday, October 14, 2010

영어 (비지너스) Hint of the Day #7: Use the phrase "Enclosed please find…"

영어 (비지너스) Hint of the Day #7:  Use the phrase "Enclosed please find…"

You probably receive 100 e-mail messages  a day.  Frequently, you will need to send a spreadsheet, or a document, along with an e-mail or a package.  In those instances, it is important to know, and to be able to use the phrase “Enclosed please find…”  It is the most correct time and place for the use of this phrase.  You don’t use this phrase when sending a personal letter to a friend.  It is too formal for that purpose.

(o)  "Enclosed please find the analysis that I have completed.”  This sentence can be used when sending a physical spreadsheet.  In addition, it can also be used in an e-mail when there is an attachment (you may need to change the word “analysis.”)

You can use this phrase at any time that there are attachments of any sort.  For example, if you send a letter, along with a contract, then you can say:

(o)  "Enclosed please find a copy of the terms of the contract."
(o)  "Enclosed please find the graphs which support my conclusions."

"Enclosed please find" is a very versatile, and professional phrase when used correctly.


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