Friday, October 1, 2010

영어 Hint of the Day #9: This club is designed for chatting in English and making a relationship also. Also Wrong.

On another group, here is an example that I found. 

(x)  This club is designed for chatting in English and making a relationship also.

There is also more than one error in this sentence. 
First, you do not use the verb "make" with relationship.  "Make" has the idea of doing something physically.  You would create (simple choice) a relationship, or cultivate (advanced choice) a relationship. 
The second error is that the word also is in the wrong place.  The key point is that adverbs belong closest to the word that is being described.  In this case, that word being described is the "making."  There will be a dedicated post to the correct placement of adverbs on a later date. 
The third problem is that there is there needs to be similar construction.  This means that the if you are putting more than one verb in the same sentence, then they should use similar connecting words.  What does this mean?   Let's look at a simple example:

(x)  I love laughing, singing, and to play the piano.
(o) I love laughing, singing, and playing the piano.

When you correct all three errors,  the correct version of this sentence would be: 

(o)  This club is designed for chatting in English, and also for creating relationships. 

This may seem very complicated, which is why I always make the following suggestion.  Rather than trying to make clever sentences, it is far better to make clear sentences without errors.  As you progress, then you can create more complicated sentences.
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