Tuesday, October 5, 2010

영어 (비지너스) Hint of the Day #13: 토익 Repeat After Me: "First, Second, Third, and In conclusion"

If you practice the technique that The Lost Seoul recommends, then you will be able to communicate clearly, which is very important when speaking or writing in a foreign language, and it is especially important when you are being judged on clarity/cohension of statements.

First, you should re-read the previous Hint of the Day:  http://seoulgyopoguide.blogspot.com/2010/10/hint-of-day-5-how-to-answer-describe.html  The reason is that there aren't really that many sections to the TOEIC.  Describe a Picture and Writing sections are actually very similar.  What does this mean?  It means that the answer should be made in a similar manner.

Second, an organized manner is otherwise described as "outline form."
For review, this is an example of outline form.
I.  Main point  (This is the main topic of the answer)
   a.  Subpoint #1  (This is detailed point #1 of the answer)
   b.  Subpoint #2  (This is detailed point #2 of the answer)
   c.  Subpoint #3  (This is detailed point #3 of the answer)
II.  Conclusion  (This is the concluding sentence which summarizes what you have said above)

Third, the outline form keeps an answer concise, focused, and easily understood by the listener/reader.  Sometimes, you may be tempted to just make random detailed points, without a direction.  The result of this is that the reader/listener may lose track of what you are trying to say.  By actually saying/writing "first," "second,"  "third," and "in conclusion,"  the reader/listener has no choice but to follow along with your statements. 
Be sure not to skip numbers.  You cannot say "First....," and then followed by "Third,...." without a "Second...."  It seems like an obvious point but sometimes this occurs.

In conclusion, organizing your thoughts and then your sentences using the outline form helps you as the speaker/writer, and the listener/reader.  That will gain you points when you are taking the TOEIC.  Look at this blog entry:  I have used my own technique in making my points to you.  Hopefully, it is clear.

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