Tuesday, October 5, 2010

여어 Hint of the Day #12 위성미 콜프 잘하시네. It's Golf, not Golpu. Prounouncing the letter F

As I have said earlier, Konglish is everywhere in Korea.  One problem with Konglish is that the translation is inaccurate, and actually makes pronunciation problems even worse.  One of the letters that is very difficult is the letter F.  Unfortunately, when translating Korean into English, the closest way to translate the letter F is by changing it into the hangul 프.  This sound is everywhere in Korean.

콜프:  golf
와이프:  wife

This is not a very pretty picture, but it is the way that your mouth should look when pronouncing the letter F.
However, when speaking English, the mouth needs to make the shape in the picture.  The reason that this is difficult for Koreans:  at no time is this mouth shape made when speaking Korean.  That is precisely why the problem exists. 

Now, hopefully, your mouth is more beautiful than this, but this mouth position is correct when you pronounce the letter F.

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