Saturday, October 30, 2010

영어 Hint of the Day #20: "I don't believe you." "미들 수 없." 근데 "You are lying" 말하지마세요

영어 Hint of the Day #20: "I don't believe you.""미들 수 없."  근데.... 

It is a direct, and very literal translation.  "I don't believe you" is correctly translated to "미들 수 없읍니다."  Depending on the tone of voice, and your relationship with the listener, there can be many implications.

For example, if the listener is a close friend, then there are many other, nicer ways (perhaps as a joke) to say this in English.
(o)  You must be kidding me.  (장난 친다)
(o)  Are you pulling my leg?  ("Pulling my leg" is slang, and I don't know the origin so don't ask me!)
(o)  Give me a break.
(o)  Really?  Seriously?  (찐자?)

There are more phrases like this in English, just as there are many more in Korean (웃기지마 and others). 

Note:  The specific word "lie" has a particularly strong meaning in English.  The Lost Seoul recommends NOT using the word 'lie" unless you are intentionally attempting to use the strongest language possible. 
(o)  You are lying.
(o)  You are a liar.
These are gramatically correct, but if you speaking to someone who is already angry, then you may find yourself involved in a fight, so be careful.   

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