Friday, October 29, 2010

영어 선생 "Hall of Shame": Exposing the English "Experts" Who Are Not Experts

What is the "영어 선생 Hall of Shame?"
The Lost Seoul will point out tweets, websites, books, and any other materials that are attempting to teach English incorrectly.  If there are errors in grammar in an English lesson or message, then the teacher (or author) will be exposed on the 영어 선생 "Wall of Shame."

Why is the "영어 선생 Hall of Shame" Necessary?
As you probably know, Korea is full of very studious people.  However, it is also a society that follows fads and trends too easily.  In many cases, a teacher may not be strictly qualified to teach.  That is very heartbreaking to The Lost Seoul because Koreans' hard-earned money and studious attitude are being wasted.  The objective of the "영어 선생 Hall of Shame" is to improve the quality of English language education in Korea, and to help Koreans that are sincerely trying to learn English correctly.

It is even more annoying when the "experts" are native Koreans.
You can read The Lost Seoul's opinion about Business English hagwons here.  I can actually understand when 외국인 come to Korea in order to find employment after graduating from university.  These young people are just trying to make a living, and the fact that they may or may not have been stellar students in the past is absolutely undertandable.  HOWEVER, native Koreans try to market their expertise as a "native speaker," when they are frequently not.  To those of you that fit this description, beware of being nominated to the "영어 선생 Hall of Shame."  The Lost Seoul thinks that you are a waste of time and money, and that you contribute to the reluctance of Koreans to overcome their fears.

There is one more reason for the "영어 선생 Hall of Shame"  Koreans need to stand up for their rights.
As I have stated in the past elsewhere, Korean do not question authority very aggressively.  However, there are ways to do so peacefully.  When there is incompetence found, then consumers must demand change.  Only by insisting on the highest quality will the best teachers be provided.  For example, a new HDTV in Korea will not sell at all if the features are not excellent, and the picture is not clear.  However, Koreans accept poor English teaching and accept it when teachers make errors.  Perhaps it is that you do not know when these errors even occur.  Revealing those errors is the purpose of the "영어 선생 Hall of Shame." 

This should be fun. Finding candidates will be pretty easy.
The Lost Seoul


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