Thursday, October 21, 2010

영어 (비지너스) Hint of the Day #8: 조선일보 잘 못 했어요. 영어 안 되고 메시지도 안 된다

영어 (비지너스) Hint of the Day #8:  조선일보 잘 못 했어요.  영어 안 되고 메시지도 안 된다

Today, this article appeared in the Chosun Ilbo:  'Oil Price 'to Exceed $100 Next Year.'

First the phrase "Oil Price" is not used.  It should have been "The Price of Oil."  As I have written in the past, one of the most important things for those learning English is to master articles:  the words "a, an, the."  Perhaps, the writers at Chosun Ilbo should have read my post:

This is a huge disservice to the Korean people.  The article actually says that it is Goldman Sachs' projection, which can be correct, or incorrect.  For example, all large securities firms are correct at times, and incorrect at others.  In addition, the world also has has, and is changing rapidly.  Therefore, it is still uncertain.  The report itself goes on to point out factors that affected its projection.  However, that does not make the outcome certain, and the headline makes it seem as if oil is certain to exceed $100.

Here is what should have been written.

(x)  Oil Price to Exceed $100 Next Year
(o)  Oil Could Exceed $100 Next Year According to Goldman
(o)  The Price of Oil Could Exceed $100 Next Year:  Goldman

In short, there are two errors.  First, the grammar is not correct.  Secondly, the storyline itself is inaccurate, and misinforms those people who are scanning headlines.


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