Friday, October 22, 2010

영어 (비지너스) Hint of the Day #9: 영어로 어떻게 인사할까? 외국분들이 한국에 도착하는데....

These are the best ways to introduce yourself in English.  Since there will be many visitors to Korea in the coming days, you should try to be comfortable in using these.  They are very flexible. 

In Korean, 처음 봽겠읍니다 is probably closest in formality to "How do you do," or "It's a pleasure meeting you." 
In Korean, 방가워요 is of course perfectly acceptable amongst friends, and "안영"  is obviously inappropriate for use in a business meeting.

English is similar in many ways.  Below are greetings that can be used in business settings.  I recommend picking one, and becoming confident in it.  You may believe that you are being repetitive, but since the listener is always changing, it is a unique greeting to the listener, so it is no problem.

(o)  Nice to meet you.  I'm [JH Kim].
(o)  Nice meeting you.
(o)  Very nice to meet you. 
(o)  Very good to meet you.
(o)  It's a pleasure meeting you.  (This is quite formal.  Not really for meeting peers.)
(x)  How do you do?  (This is not widely used currently.  It is not incorrect in any way, but it is not used).
(x)  Greetings.  (Again, this is not wrong but it is not commonly used). 
(x)  What's up?  or Hey (This is for friends only, and not to be used in business settings.  However, these are common phrases used between friends.)

It seems like a lot, but you only need to be comfortable in using one, and then use it over and over.  It will be perfectly acceptable.

Good luck,
The Lost Seoul


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